Daily Life

Life During Quarantine

Hi, everyone! Bhaiya here!

Today I want to share with everyone how i’m spending my time during quarantine in Japan. Staying in a small hotel room by myself for many days has sometimes felt depressing because I can’t go outside anywhere, and I can’t really talk to anyone face-to-face. However, I get to leave the room 3-4 times a day for measuring my temperature and for buying food from the convenience store downstairs, and that really helps me mentally stay strong. The convenience store has things like sushi, ramen, onigiri, milk, yoghurt, candy, etc. It’s pretty close to a normal Japanese konbini!

Since I can’t leave the room to exercise, i’ve been doing muscle training in my room using an app I downloaded. Even though I can’t walk around, I can do some serious training in the room, and I feel much better just by doing that!

I’ll hang in there for 5 more days!