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Moving To Japan #2: COVID-19 Test

Hi, everyone!

Bhaiya here. As i’m working through getting ready to move to Japan, i’ve had to take a COVID-19 test 72 hours before flying in order to enter the country. In this article, i’ll briefly talk about what the experience was like.


The Ministry of Justice of Japan provides this specific form that needs to be filled out. Be sure to confirm the testing method and time of test. In addition, you will need a doctor to provide their signature on your test. This part may be very difficult so I recommend making extra time to deal with it.


I scheduled a nasopharyngeal swab PCR test by calling the COVID-19 department of Duke. I told them what day and time I want to take the test, what my car is (the test was drive-through), and what testing method I need. They quickly scheduled and appointment for me, and they even sent me a few phone calls to remind me about the test later.

Taking the test

Due to weather conditions, my testing site ending up being changed from where it was originally supposed to be. Duke called me about the change, and let me know where the new location was. After drive to the testing location, I waited in line while sitting in my car. There weren’t too many people there fortunately so I wasn’t waiting for long.

Once my turn came, I gave the test administrator my ID, and they came back with the test kit. They asked me to lift up my neck a little bit, and they inserted the swab into my nose. While the test lasted around 10 seconds, the whole process was very uncomfortable. It felt like there was water in my nose, and that I was drowning a little.

After the test was over, there was an uncomfortable sensation that lasted in my nose for a little over an hour. Also, I asked the administrator if they could sign my testing certificate, but they said they can’t do that, and that I would need to go to a doctor.