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Introducing my hometown!

Hello, this is Sakura. In this blog, I’m going to introduce my hometown!

I was born and raised in Chiba prefecture, which is next to Tokyo. Where’s Chiba?


Look, here!

You can’t see it because it’s small?

Well, let me make it bigger then!

It’s the place that’s sticking out a little.

※The official Chiba Prefecture site http://www.pref.chiba.lg.jp/kouhou/map.html

Chiba Prefecture also has a mascot character.

I was born and raised in Chiba prefecture, which is next to Tokyo. Chiba prefecture has Narita Airport, Tokyo Disneyland (even though the name says Tokyo, it’s actually in Chiba), and many other places to visit. Narita Airport is one and a half hours away from Tokyo by train. It’s not too far, right? Haha! There are many people living in Chiba who live in the part close to Tokyo, and it’s easy to go to Tokyo by train.

Narita Airport
Narita Airport
Tokyo Disneyland

Once you leave the area close to Tokyo, there is a lot of nature in Chiba. Chiba doesn’t have mountains, but there are rice fields. Also, Chiba is surrounded by the ocean so the fishing industry is famous, and you can eat very fresh and delicious seafood.

Agriculture, especially rice and green onions, is very popular in my hometown! When I was a student, I went to school while smelling rice fields and green onions. It smelled like nature haha!


I go to see cherry blossoms in Spring. It’s so beautiful.🌸✨


During Summer, I go swimming in the ocean.


In Fall, I go hiking someplace with beautiful fall colors.


In Winter, I sit in a kotatsu, and eat oranges like this:

Also, I visit temples during the New Year.

I make mochi, and eat them.


Chiba may not be as interesting as big cities like Tokyo and Osaka. But it’s surrounded by nature, and it’s somewhere you can relax. If you come to Japan someday, please visit Chiba prefecture.

Thank you for reading until the end.